The main goal of the project “Save The Chestnut” is to protect chestnut trees from the infestation of the insect known as Asian Chestnut Gall Wasp (ACGW) using the biological control method, then to releas on the nature the native parassitoids (exotic antagonists) coming from the same native range, for mantanere the balance between alien pests and exotic antagonists.

With “Save The Chestnut” we want to experiment new techniques to reduce the time necessary to treat the plants attacked by ACGW and to quickly restore production and trade of the chestnut fruit.

Moreover, with this project we want to promote reforestation of chestnut trees that will eventually contribute to reduce pollution.

Once, chestnut tree was considered a very important tree due to the wide range of its uses. With “Save the Chestnut” we’re committed to bringing back such a profitable tree by using sustainable and innovative technologies.